Noristar 4


The new NORISTAR 4 RCS is a remote control for the propulsion of ships.

The four NORISTAR RCS can be used in systems with variable pitch propeller to control the pitch or speed, reversible and reversible clutches diesel engines to control the throttle. As standard each system is equipped with an environment-friendly control and easy backup system.

NORISTAR 4 comprises a central processing unit provided by NORISYS four panel system operators connected by the bus system. The add-on architecture operation panels ensures the flexibility to create optimized for different applications and requirements of our customers . The NORISTAR 4 device comes complete with a standard lever NORIS purposes, applications and azimuth thruster propulsion.

All four NORISTAR system is tested and pre-installed at the factory to ensure a fast and safe start-up. The panel located in the engine room contains a graphic display that shows all system information and allows users to customize the system according to your needs; for it is not necessary programming skills.

Noristar 4


* Designed for CPP, FPP and any type of propeller systems

* The system can be adapted to different requirements

* Control systems for avoid overloading

* Defined control programs for any commercial region

* System integrated backup

* Equipped with VDR interface

* Touch panel a friendly environment

* Easy to install and low cost

* The implementation can be performed by the end user

* Service around the world to ensure maximum availability

* Additional functions available as load distribution, electrical lines, march and logical unemployment, DP and joystick interface, etc.