From NORISPAN we send our engineers to anywhere in the world in order to solve whatever problem related to our products.

We are specialists in maintenance repairs related to automation. Our main services are:

  • Replacement of I/O cards and/or couplers (Wago, Beckhoff, etc.)
  • Replacement of sensors (Xtronica, Noris, Imes, etc.)
  • Warranty claims of our products (Lightpartner, IBAK, Zenitel, etc.)
  • Repair of Fire Detection/Extinction (Fireboy, Dräguer, Apollo, etc.)
  • PMS failures (Symap, Synpol, etc.)

All this support managed with the best quotations systems in order to give the best service and qualitry/price relation.


Once the expected lifespan of a computer passes (about 10/15 years depending on the working hours) most systems need to have their computer equipment replaced.

NORISPAN is one of the world's most expert firms in substituion of obsolete PCs and possesses the 'Know-How to carry out that task succesfully.

We have the capability to adapt the old software to modern hardware, getting full compability, and adapting the specific hardware involved.

Every replaced part used follow the normatuive from certifying societies, and the PCs used are supplied with a 'mariner kit' or build that assure its functioning for a decade without being affected by sea conditions.


In engineering and its related disciplines, Factory Acceptance Test is a test to find out if all requirements from the contract or specification are met.

It can be chemical tests, physical exams or performance tests.

We evaluate, for all our products, the whole system, analysing its functioning, with working simulations to check that they follow our client's needs.


Once our equipments are installed in their final location, NORISPAN is committed to carry out a test in situ to check its proper functioning and without disturbance with other systems.

To do this we move our technicians to the required destination for the period of time required to address any unforeseen event that may arise at the last minute and requires specialized personnel for resolution.